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Nason Pressure

Nason Pressure

Brand New Media Connection=1/8" NPT Male Circuit Form=SPDT Fixed Set Point=20 PSI Set Point Direction=Falling High Quality snap action switch Factory Preset Economical Pneumatic and hydraulic applications NEMA 4,13

NEW switches. Obsolete inventory FROM NEWMAR. Sm-14a-10r/wl 3/4". 18" wire lead. 12v

The Nason SQ-1 low pressure switch is perfect for OEM applications looking for a low cost pressure switch with easy adjustability and high cycle life. The SQ-1 has an adjustable range of 2-10 PSI and a 10-20% differential.

Brand New Probe Length =1" Media Connection=3/8" NPT Male Circuit Form=SPST-NC Fixed Set Pint= 215F degree Set Point Direction= Rising Maxium External Pressure = 5000 PSI Current Rating= 3A @ 240 VAC * Bi-metal immersion temperature switch *Factory preset temperature *Gold diffused, fine silver contacts *Nema 4, 13

SM-2A-10F/WP - Low Pressure Switch; NEMA 4, 13; 1/8" NPT Male; SPST-NO; 10 PSI Maximum External Pressure; Rising Set Point Direction; Weather Pack

Low Pressure Switch Ul Csa 10 Psi Spdt Rising 18 Inch Ul 3173.

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