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Cuttler Hammer

Cuttler Hammer

Sold as each. 1". 30 amp, 120/240 vac. Non-interchangeable. 10,000 AIR. Switch indicator. Plug-in. Fits Cutler-Hammer CH panels. Standard overload and short circuit protection in Cutler- Hammer load centers...

3/4" per pole, 120/240 Volts ac. 10,000 AIC. Quick make, quick break switch, inverse time element tripping operation and trip free handle. Thermal-magnetic trip curve. #14 - 8 wire range 15 to 30 amp, #14 - 2 wire range 40 to 70 amp, #10 - 1/0 wire range100 amp...

CUTLER HAMMER DOUBLE POLE CIRCUIT BREAKER *1-1/2" *30 amp, 120/240 vac *Non-interchangeable *10,000 AIR *Switch indicator *Protects wire from overheating and current overload *Plug-in *Fits Cutler-Hammer CH Classic Panels only *Standard overload, short circuit protection in Cutler- Hammer CH Panels only *UL listed *C...

Double pole type. 120/240V.

"CH" DOUBLE POLE CIRCUIT BREAKER For Cutler-Hammer load centers only 120 V 50 Amp 3/4" wide per pole Quick make quick break switch inverse time element tripping operation and trip free handle Thermal-magnetic trip curve UL listed

Twin circuit breaker for use in CH type load centers. Provides 2 single pole circuits in 1 space. 120/240V AC; 10,000 AIC. UL listed.

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